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Food and wine

Its sheltered position amid the mountains has allowed the Val di Sole to preserve its gastronomic traditions virtually unchanged to this day, aware that they have been shaped, on the one hand, by centuries of contacts and dealings with the German-speaking world – numerous recipes from which the valley dwellers have adapted – and on the other, by the poverty of the local country folk, which led them to invent simple, nutritious dishes with the scant resources available.

To this day, the Trentino area boasts a deliciously rich variety of produce, from apples and wild berries to the cheeses that are still produced in the traditional way in the dairy huts high up in the mountains.

The trentini have always been skilled at making the most of everything the local livestock has to offer, from cheeses to top-quality cured meat products.

The milk comes exclusively from naturally fed animals, and the cheeses are made using traditional production methods handed down through the generations.
Marilleva Val di Sole Trentino
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