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The flora in Val di Sole

It seems that if Val di Sole has been expressly designed for nature lovers, which can find here countless botanic amenities: since the soil spreads over a rise in height of more than 2000 meters measuring from the Noce river up to the snowy mountain tops, there is a very rich and varied alpine flora.  

In the woods we can find Scotch pines, red firs and larches. From 1800 m to 2100 m grow mostly Swiss stone pines, dwarf mountain pines and bushes of junipers. Along the rivers in the thalweg there are alders, maples, poplars and birches, ashes and mountain ashes. This latter specie grows also mixed with conifers in higher altitudes and in autumn their leaves turn to purple red.

To be sighted are also many Compositae like bluebells, Papilionaceae, Ranunculaceae, etc. From the many species the numerous pasque-flowers stand out, primulas and gentians. Numerous are also the species of orchids. The most lush and widespread flora is undoubtedly represented by rhododendrons. The flora of the higher altitudes, mostly small in size, covers colourfullly and generously the troughs of the rocky anfractuosities, like the saxifrages, the edelweiss, the cinquefoil of the Dolomites, the alpine poppy, the rampion and the Moretti campanula.
Val di Sole - La flora in Val di Sole
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